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How do people get hospital-acquired infections?

Many people owe their lives to hospitals and their dedicated employees. Although it is rare that a person becomes sicker in a professional care setting, it can occasionally happen due to hospital-acquired infections. Clinics and clinicians may be legally responsible for an illness if it could have been prevented by their work.

How medical negligence causes infection to spread in hospitals

All types of personal injury can be tragic to victims and their families, but medical negligence can be especially devastating. Unlike being hurt accidentally, injuries caused by medical negligence are 100 percent preventable. The health and medical industry have standards of practice in place developed to help eliminate instances of preventable personal injury to any American patient.

Study shows medical dangers to recent Illinois mothers

Thousands of families choose Illinois as a place to raise children and enjoy their lives. Many of the state's urban and suburban neighborhoods are safe places for children of all ages. However, the government in Springfield just started looking at a disturbing trend that may threaten the safety of mothers and children.

Joliet man files suit over slip and fall in local store

We've all taken a tumble, and we can usually shake it off like a kid tripping on the playground. But some trip-ups can be more serious both in the moment of an accident and for years to come. Injuries can be caused by others' carelessness so easily that Illinois law accounts for owners' and managers' responsibilities to guests.

It is costly to live with a disabling personal injury

It might surprise you to know that many victims of personal injury in Illinois do not want to impose hardship on the person responsible for their injuries. This is just as true of motor vehicle accident victims as it is of premises liability victims. Unfortunately, this way of thinking can leave those suffering disabling personal injuries with few or no resources to live a relatively independent life.

Personal injury lawyers wear many hats for Illinois residents

When you have suffered an injury due to negligence, you may feel as if no one understands what you are going through. In many ways, this is true because each person is different and each injury is unique. However, you are not as alone as you may feel.

Stump rips passenger out of car in fatal crash

A serious accident in Illinois ripped a car into pieces when it slammed into a stump. Not only were car parts strewn across the road, but the passenger was torn out of the vehicle. Tragically, he passed away in the crash. The driver did survive, but he suffered from significant injuries.

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