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Family gets settlement after wrongful death in Chicago hospital

There's a good reason it's hard to become a doctor. Entry into the medical profession requires full mastery of anatomy, diagnostics and other elements of the health sciences. Only the best of the best get the white coat after years of study and countless examinations.

Seek help if you've been hurt by surgical errors

Surgical errors are "never events" that should not take place, but when they do, it's important that surgeons are held responsible for their mistakes. While some mistakes are a result of human error and may be expected, they still have an impact on patients. It's essential that medical providers are all held to the same standards and face serious penalties when they make errors that result in injuries or deaths.

Illinois civil court judge should not have ordered medical record

Proving a civil case after an injury or illness in a hospital is not so dissimilar from proving a criminal case after a suspected violation of law. The plaintiff, like the prosecution, must prove the connection of liability between the defendant and the supposed wrongdoing. This can be proof that someone did something wrong or proof that they should have acted to stop something going wrong.

What are the surgical errors that should never happen?

Everyone makes mistakes at work, but many people do not have the kinds of jobs in which small errors make a big difference. But medicine is not one of those jobs, and every kind of surgical error, even if it does not seem serious, could potentially be significant and costly for the patient involved.

What can you do if you're the victim of surgical errors?

Surgical errors, on the whole, should never take place. While there might be complications during surgeries, an error is different. Errors are obvious mistakes that surgeons or their teams make during an operation. They can be anything from not stitching a wound correctly to failing to operate on the correct body part.

You should speak out if you're a victim of surgical errors

Surgical errors should never happen, yet they affect thousands of people every year. Avoiding surgical errors should fall on the shoulders of the doctors and nurses who work with patients, but the reality is that patients often have to take their safety into their own hands.

Know your rights if you're a victim of a surgical error

Surgical errors should not take place, but they sometimes do as a result of a surgeon or other medical provider's errors. For example, a nurse who is counting sponges as they're removed from a surgical site might miscount, allowing one to be left behind, or a surgeon might cut too deeply, injuring an organ that was not supposed to be punctured.

How do surgeons perform under stress?

Do you know anyone who enjoys being in hospitals? Unless you know a clinician who loves her or his job, you probably do not. That is usually because times spent in hospitals are among the most stressful that patients and their families can experience. Apparently, the stress can get to the people who work there as well.

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