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Posts tagged "Workers' Compensation And FELA"

Could nurses' patients wind up killing them?

When you consider the on-the-job hazards that most nurses typically face, one usually lists things like needle sticks, exposure to contagious diseases and back injuries from moving heavy patients in and out of bed. Few people think that the nurses' own patients could snap and attack them -- possibly even killing them.

If your employer violates the FELA, you could have a claim

The Federal Employers' Liability Act, or FELA, is a federal law that was designed to protect, and potentially compensate, railroad workers who have been injured on the job.  FELA was enacted in 1908, in response to the catastrophic injuries and needless deaths due to the unsafe working conditions on the railroad.

FELA claims are complex, differ from workers' comp

As an Amtrak on-board services employee, you are used to having to deal with cranky passengers. In fact, it seems like you made a dozen trips to the sleeper for one traveling family, making sure they had everything they could possibly need during the trip.

What happens after you get burned at work?

A burn that occurs at work can wind up impacting an employee in many different ways. Minor burns need first aid and typically heal with no lingering effects other than perhaps a scar on the skin surface. They do not typically interfere with an employee returning to work in short order.

What are your rights under FELA

The Federal Employers' Liability Act Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) provides compensation and protection for injured railroad workers who are hurt or killed on the job. This federal statute, which applies to all railroaders, imposes certain duties and responsibilities on the railroad, such as:

Do you meet the requirements to receive workers' compensation?

There are laws on the books in virtually every state including Illinois that require almost every employer to purchase workers' compensation insurance. One of the main reasons that they're required to have such coverage is to cover you if you become injured on the job. You, as an employee, have several obligations that you must meet if you want to be successful in getting your employer to cover your medical costs and lost wages.

Could you be exposed to an infectious disease at work?

With all the media focus on the coronavirus that is swiftly reaching pandemic status, many workers are expressing concerns that they could be unwittingly exposed to the virus in their workplace. It is worth noting that this is not the only infectious disease that can be contracted throughout the course of one's employment.

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