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Get help if you've become a victim of a personal injury

You were traveling to see a loved one, and you had an excited day planned. As you hopped out of your vehicle and entered a parking lot at a local gas station, a driver that was not looking up came driving toward you at a relatively high speed for the area. You were in an unusual position and couldn't get out of the way, so the driver ended up hitting and pinning you against your vehicle.

27 police vehicles hit in Illinois in Scott's Law violations

When you're traveling, one thing that you keep in mind is that any time you see emergency lights, you need to move over. This is done for a few reasons, but the primary one is to give the authorities or emergency teams room to get through or to work.

Truck may have struck car on I-70 before leaving the scene

There are many ways that people could be hurt in Illinois. Miles of lakefront can come with water hazards, especially during bad weather and several vital industries could come with workplace injuries due to accidents. But the road is among the most common places to be hurt or killed.

Get help with your claim after a personal injury

When you're in pain and suffering, no amount of money is going to make things better. Still, being able to have the funds to fall back on as you focus on your recovery is important. That's why it's so smart to begin a personal injury case as soon as you can after you're hurt.

Illinois is a hands-free state for drivers with phones

Is it okay to use a cellphone while you're stopped at a stop sign? Can you check social media if it only takes one hand working the screen? Is it a bad idea to talk on the phone as long as one hand is still on the wheel? Illinois has a simple answer to all these questions: no, no and no.

Spinal injuries are often permanent: Get the help you need

When you were heading to your university, you were surprised by how congested the roads were, but you were moving safely in your lane. Suddenly, a vehicle from your left began to merge into you. With nowhere to go, all you could do was brace for the inevitable crash to come.

Car crash in congested traffic leads to 2 injuries

There are many ways that a person can get hurt or even killed by accident. When this happens, no one is often to blame. Occasionally, everyone was to blame in some way. But when one party is liable for the pain and damage felt by another, it may be time to claim financial damages.

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