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Evanston nursing home fined after patient's hospital death

It is always a difficult moment when we acknowledge that elder relatives can no longer take care of themselves. Some earlier traditions hold that it is the time for grandparents and parents to seek the care of younger and more able relations, but that is not always practical in modern times. Millions of families in the United States rely on nursing homes and assisted-living facilities to protect the safety and health of these people.

Get help if your loved one is hurt by negligence

Nursing home negligence is a real problem that affects thousands of people every year. Did you know that gross neglect is responsible for around 14% of all complaints that were filed against nursing homes? Sadly, the numbers do not seem to be improving, and there are still very real dangers to the elderly in some nursing homes.

It just got easier to identify nursing homes with problems

How do we take care of our parents and grandparents when they can no longer take care of themselves? It's a difficult question since the days of families living together with many generations have passed by. Now, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities are more practical when elders need round-the-clock care.

Nursing home falls can lead to traumatic brain injuries

When you suffer from an injury, it can be difficult to adjust. One of the most significant injuries to recover from is a traumatic brain injury. This kind of brain injury can happen in many ways, but generally speaking, the injury is a result of a blow to the head. Sometimes, objects penetrate the skull. This results in a traumatic brain injury as well.

Former nursing home workers charged with financial abuse

Residents of nursing homes and other assisted-living facilities are vulnerable to several kinds of abuse and neglect if their care is not handled to a professional grade. Clinicians, administrators and support staff have a lot of control over people as they start to lose it. This can put any patient at risk.

Resident-on-resident mistreatment is a concern in nursing homes

Of the things that could affect an elderly person, nursing home neglect or abuse are among the worst. Elders who need to go into nursing homes often require constant monitoring and support. They may need assistance when going to the bathroom, getting dressed or eating. They may need someone to give them medications on a schedule or to make sure they move enough to avoid developing bedsores.

Illinois nursing home has been cited violations more than once

Children often grow up with a sense of family, reinforced by the presence of relatives and close friends. Even when parents go it alone, they do their best to make sure children are ready to accept their place in life. But this relationship does not last forever. Eventually, parents and other relatives may need our help.

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