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Former nursing home workers charged with financial abuse

Residents of nursing homes and other assisted-living facilities are vulnerable to several kinds of abuse and neglect if their care is not handled to a professional grade. Clinicians, administrators and support staff have a lot of control over people as they start to lose it. This can put any patient at risk.

Resident-on-resident mistreatment is a concern in nursing homes

Of the things that could affect an elderly person, nursing home neglect or abuse are among the worst. Elders who need to go into nursing homes often require constant monitoring and support. They may need assistance when going to the bathroom, getting dressed or eating. They may need someone to give them medications on a schedule or to make sure they move enough to avoid developing bedsores.

Illinois nursing home has been cited violations more than once

Children often grow up with a sense of family, reinforced by the presence of relatives and close friends. Even when parents go it alone, they do their best to make sure children are ready to accept their place in life. But this relationship does not last forever. Eventually, parents and other relatives may need our help.

Get help if your loved one was hurt in a nursing home

As someone who has an aging parent, the thing that frightens you is that they will be mistreated or harmed while in the care of those who are meant to protect them. From being left without meals due to an oversight to being overmedicated to make them stay quiet, there are dozens of ways that nursing homes and their staff members can violate patients' rights and potentially cause harm to them.

Online video shows nursing home staff taunting resident

We never want the people we love to lose their independence, and they don't want it either. Most elderly people will not admit to themselves or their families that the progress of infirmity is making it hard to take care of themselves. It is often up to their children to decide when the time has come.

Nursing home fined for failing to stop sexual abuse

It is rarely a person's dream to have all their needs met in a nursing home or an assisted living facility because they can't care for themselves. Most seniors or people facing long-term mobility or health issues would rather live on their own or with family and loved ones. However, when someone requires full-time care, they may need to live in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Nursing home neglect: Fight back with a claim

Nursing home neglect is something that can happen right under your nose. From a loved one being neglected and not getting the nutrition or hydration they need to stay healthy to developing bedsores from not being able to move well, nursing home neglect can cause real injuries to patients.

Poor staffing can lead to nursing home neglect

Nursing home neglect is something that families must constantly be on the lookout for. The elderly may not be able to assert themselves and point out to the appropriate people that they're being treated. Therefore, it's often up to loved ones to notice when they're not being treated as they should be.

Choose the right nursing home to prevent neglect and abuse

Nursing home neglect hurts the very people who rely on others for support and care. When you put a loved one into a nursing home, the last thing you think will happen is that a nurse will become aggressive with them or their medications will be skipped because they are dubbed a "difficult patient."

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