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Woman claims Penn State violated employment law, files suit

A woman who was employed by Penn State University in the athletics department recently sued the school over an alleged wrongful termination. The suit also lists other alleged violations of employment law that purportedly took place over the entire eight years of her employment. While the suit was not filed in Illinois, workers here have the same right to seek justice when their rights are violated.

Woman alleges vet clinic violated employment law in termination

In today's current job market, many workers may be hesitant to request time off -- even in circumstances that require it. When that reason involves a medical necessity, it may be shocking when an employer issues an ultimatum concerning a specific return date. Some Illinois residents have faced this situation and have been terminated when they could not comply due to doctor's orders, which could be a violation of the employment law in this state.

Woman alleges employment law violation after termination

The Family and Medical Leave Act was adopted as a law in order to assure workers that they would have the right to return to duty after the birth of a baby, adoption or tending to a serious medical issue for oneself or an immediate family member. However, there are situations that arise when an employer is believed to have violated this employment law. Anytime an Illinois resident believes that his or her rights have been violated, he or she is entitled to seek a remedy.

Employment law protects against wrongful termination in Illinois

In general, workers know there are laws that safeguard them from some of the actions of their employers. There are federal employment law protections concerning discrimination against protected classes of individuals or unjust firings. At the state level, additional protections exist under the Illinois Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.

Did your termination violate federal or Illinois employment law?

The federal government and the state of Illinois provide you with certain rights as an employee. When you exercise those rights, you should be able to do so without fear of retaliation. Unfortunately, not all employees are clear about what their rights are or what their employers can and cannot do under employment law.

Panda Express to pay $600K after national origin discrimination

The Chinese restaurant chain Panda Express has just settled with the U.S. Department of Justice in a nationwide discrimination claim. According to a spokesperson for the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, the company engaged in employment practices that put resident immigrants with work permits at a disadvantage.

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