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If your child suffers a birth injury, you can get help

Birth injuries can change the course of your child's life before they ever get the chance to experience living as a healthy child. It's a horrible feeling to know that a doctor or nurse's mistake led to injuries that may never heal or that could lead to lasting disabilities.

You can get help if your child is hurt during birth

Birth injuries are horrible to think about because it's the first moments of a child's life when they suffer from them. They don't get the opportunity to live without an injury and see what life is like without a disability, for example. Some birth injuries can lead to death, too, which is another serious concern.

Forceps and their dark history of causing birth injuries

Birth injuries are not always a result of negligence or errors, but there are times when they are. Children can suffer birth injuries because of a negligent staff member on their medical team or a doctor who has prescribed the mother dangerous medications or treatments. These medical professionals can and should be held accountable if a baby suffers injuries or is permanently disabled as a result.

Woman sues Illinois hospital after her infant child's death

There is no pain or loss greater than the death of a child. Any parent can tell you that a child's age or the circumstances of their death matters little compared to the value of his or her life. Money can never replace that value, but it can help deal with recovery and help convince health care facilities to prevent future losses.

Cerebral palsy can change a young life forever

Any new parent or caring relative would seize up in fear to hear an obstetrician say there has been a problem. The birth of a child is one of the most anticipated events for a family, and it can be stressful enough when everything goes as planned. It can feel unimaginable to understand that a new child's life will never be as expected.

You can seek help if your child suffered a birth injury

When babies are born, they go through a traumatic time. Even in the safest birth, children might have bruises or injuries. The truth is that birth is a little messy and rough for the infants, but the majority make it into their parents' arms with no ill effects.

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