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Nursing Home Neglect Archives

Chicago-area nursing home may be the site of financial abuse

While physical and mental abuse may leave perceptible warnings for seniors and their friends to spot, financial abuse can be the "silent abuse," as nearly no one in a person's life will be able to tell immediately if it is happening. Extortion, theft and other forms of financial abuse of senior citizens costs millions of dollars per year.

Exploring the rights of nursing home residents

Many people believe that once elderly family members become nursing home residents, their rights as an adult go away. They think that the resident must comply with all requests or demands the nursing home staff makes no matter how dangerous or unreasonable they might be. We cannot stress enough how wrong this belief is.

Illinois nursing homes face staffing shortages

The decision to seek full-time care is never easy for senior citizens and their families. Although the instinct is to keep older relatives close, especially as they need help, the task can prove too much. That's especially true if dementia or conditions demand round-the-clock care.

4 negative impacts of nursing home isolation

In cases of extreme neglect in a nursing home, the elderly may be almost completely isolated and cut off from the outside world. This is hugely detrimental to health, as psychologists note that humans need and crave interaction with other humans. When they do not get it, all sorts of mental and even physical issues can arise.

Signs of malnutrition in a nursing home

The elderly have an especially high risk of suffering from malnutrition because they often have limited mobility. They may not have a chance to pick out their own food and they become dependent on others. For instance, an elderly person living in a nursing home must be given a healthy, balance diet, and he or she must get enough food every day. Caretakers hold the residents' well-being in their hands since they provide all food and nourishment.

Injuries are a potential sign of nursing home neglect

Nursing home neglect comes with a variety of symptoms. Some residents will see their general hygiene decline if they do not get help with showers, changing clothes and brushing their teeth. Others will see their emotional health dip as they feel neglected, forgotten and ignored by the staff.

As people live longer, nursing home care becomes necessary

The impact of medical science has been felt in many areas of life, and it has actually stretched life expectancy to far beyond what people knew just a few generations ago. While this is certainly a positive trend, it does come with some distinct challenges. Aging is not easy. As people live longer, more and more of them wind up in nursing homes.

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