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Nursing Home Neglect Archives

Improper medication is a top nursing home complaint

Nursing home neglect takes many forms. Residents do not get the help they need with showers. Those who are immobile develop bedsores when they are not turned often enough. Residents are left alone and suffer dangerous falls. These are just three common examples.

Many nursing home issues stem from understaffing

Nursing home staff members may do everything in their power not to neglect your loved one, but this neglect can still happen. It often does occur in facilities all over Illinois. So, if the staff members are working as hard as they can and they know the dangers of neglecting the residents, how does this problem persist?

The physical and emotional impact of an understaffed nursing home

A nursing home that does not have enough workers on staff is a place where the potential for neglect cannot be ignored. In a case like this, that neglect may not even be the fault of the workers themselves, but of the executives running the home. Workers may not be willfully neglectful, but even their best efforts may not be enough since they can only do one job at a time.

Discussing services provided by assisted living facilities

Coming to the realization that your parent needs to be in an assisted living facility is difficult. Many people will feel guilty that they cannot provide the proper care for their parents in their old age. This is not uncommon. That's why many people perform an incredible amount of research prior to making a decision about where their parent will live. One such option is that of an assisted living facility and the services they offer.

Strangulation death leads to nursing home citation in Illinois

A nursing home in Illinois has been cited in a strangulation death, according to a recent report. The death was a tragic one as the victim was strangled to death by his own nightgown. The roommate of the victim screamed for help but the screams went unanswered by staff members at the nursing home. The incident will cost the nursing home $50,000.

How falls can be prevented at nursing homes

Sending a parent or other loved one to live at a nursing home is stressful and emotional. You want them to get the best care possible and also feel guilty for not having the time or resources to do it on your own. This does not mean you love them any less. It is also worrisome when you hear stories of nursing home neglect on the news. Here are some tips for ensuring your loved one does not fall at the nursing home.

How to spot signs of overmedication in nursing homes

Nursing home neglect does not just occur when a patient is left in his or her bed for days to develop sores. It does not just occur when a patient is not given the proper food or liquids for his or her diet. Nursing home neglect also occurs when a patient is overmedicated by a member of the staff. Today, we will discuss how you can spot the signs of overmedication at nursing homes in Illinois.

Shocking charges of sexual abuse against nursing home employee

A 39-year-old employee of the Crestwood Health Care Center in St. Louis County has been accused of sexually assaulting three residents. He has been charged with misdemeanor counts of assault, illegal deviate sexual intercourse regarding one resident and sexual conduct with at least one other resident.

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