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How to spot signs of overmedication in nursing homes

Nursing home neglect does not just occur when a patient is left in his or her bed for days to develop sores. It does not just occur when a patient is not given the proper food or liquids for his or her diet. Nursing home neglect also occurs when a patient is overmedicated by a member of the staff. Today, we will discuss how you can spot the signs of overmedication at nursing homes in Illinois.

Shocking charges of sexual abuse against nursing home employee

A 39-year-old employee of the Crestwood Health Care Center in St. Louis County has been accused of sexually assaulting three residents. He has been charged with misdemeanor counts of assault, illegal deviate sexual intercourse regarding one resident and sexual conduct with at least one other resident.

Cameras can deter or contribute to nursing home neglect

In a handful of states in the country, laws exist that ensure the rights of residents -- and family members of these residents -- to record the care that is received in some long-term care facilities. However, while these electronic devices are intended to protect patients and residents from nursing home neglect or abuse, in many cases, cameras have aided those who sought to harm or degrade these helpless individuals. Illinois is one state that passed a law that permits families to document via electronic means the care provided by staff.

Nursing home neglect can occur despite a family's best efforts

The decision to place a failing loved one in a long-term care facility is not arrived at easily. In order to ensure that a beloved family member does not become a victim of suspected nursing home neglect, it may require exhaustive research and a visit to those facilities that are being considered. Unfortunately, in spite of an Illinois family's diligence, a loved one could still become a victim of substandard care or abuse.

25 percent of serious nursing home neglect and abuse not reported

The decision to place a failing loved one in a long-term care facility is likely not done without careful consideration and reassurances that the individual will receive appropriate care. In the event that an incident of serious nursing home neglect or abuse takes place, the staff are required by federal laws to report it to the proper authorities. According to a recent investigation, Illinois facilities have reportedly failed to notify police in several cases.

Woman dies when nursing home neglect causes bedsore

Relationships between Illinois parents and children change as children grow, sometimes becoming strained and sometimes more tender. As parents age, adult children may wish to provide as much care as needed, but their own family obligations may prevent them from doing so. After an injury or during a prolonged illness, more intense nursing care may be required for an aging parent. However, the families may never expect their loved ones will become victims of nursing home neglect.

Facility has history of nursing home neglect allegations

The decision of where to find care for an elderly loved one is never undertaken lightly. In spite of how much care goes into the selection of a care facility, there remains the worry that a loved one will suffer from nursing home neglect or abuse. There may be many Illinois families who have endured this disturbing and easily preventable circumstances.

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