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Illinois jury awards millions to family after birth error

Expecting parents are always concerned something will go wrong with a child's birth and do everything they can to give their baby the best possible start in life. A large majority of births in Illinois happen without a hitch, but serious injury can happen in the complicated process of delivery.

Is shoulder dystocia during childbirth caused by negligence?

In most births, both the infant and the mother emerge from the experience healthy and happy. However, dangerous complications and birth injuries are always a possibility. Shoulder dystocia is one such condition that has the potential to cause serious and even life-threatening birth injuries if left unaddressed.

What if your newborn has unexplained injuries?

As a parent, if your newborn ends up needing hospital care after birth, you may spend extended amounts of time not being around your new child. You trust the hospital staff to provide proper care. But what if that doesn't happen? What if your child winds up with unexplained injuries?

What is hypoxia?

When the brain does not get the proper amount of oxygen, it can lead to a condition known as hypoxia. This, in turn, can lead to brain swelling and very serious injuries. Left untreated, it is potentially fatal. A baby who endures hypoxia during birth could end up with cognitive deficiencies, cerebral palsy or HIE (hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy).

Home births show lower perinatal death rates than hospital births

Many people consider home births to be unnecessarily dangerous. They worry about everything that could go wrong, and they ask if it is really wise to be so far from a professional medical center in case there is an emergency. They ask if children are more likely to pass away during childbirth if parents opt to do it at home.

3 potential reasons for birth injuries

Every birth injury case is unique, and the reasons for these injuries may vary greatly. Even so, there are a few overarching themes that are found in many cases, and it is important for parents to know why these injuries happen. It can be a very traumatic time, since having a new baby is already chaotic, and parents may need time to really sit back, consider the event and think through all of their options.

Why is death during childbirth growing more common?

The maternal mortality rate is a serious issue in the United States. While most other countries see the rate at which mothers pass away during childbirth continuing to fall, the United States has been moving in the opposite direction. Since 2000, the rate has actually gone up.

10 symptoms of cerebral palsy

Parents naturally worry about their children. As you read the following symptoms of cerebral palsy, keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. It is just 10 of the most common symptoms. Moreover, seeing some of these symptoms does not guarantee that your child has the disorder. Only a medical professional can decide that.

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