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April 2019 Archives

You're the first line of defense against nursing home abuse

Nursing homes should be places where the elderly are cared for and safe. They should not have to worry about people taking advantage of them or neglecting their care. Sadly, nursing homes aren't always the places that they should be, and the elderly are often the ones who suffer.

What are the most likely surgical errors?

Surgical errors are very rare; in fact, an important study on the subject showed that only one in around 112,000 surgical procedures include an error for which a physician or health care organization may be liable. But they can have disastrous consequences when they happen, leading to permanent changes in a patient's life.

What are the most common injuries during birth?

Kids don't remember it, but birth is the most important day of their lives. Many mothers think of giving birth as a joyous experience, so it can be especially horrifying when it does not go to plan. When babies are injured in the process of entering this world, many bumps and bruises subside without serious consequences. Some injuries, however, linger for life.

How dangerous is grilling in the Illinois summertime?

Nothing beats a grill for the taste of the great outdoors. Charcoal and gas grills have gone from a weekend treat to a part of the modern kitchen in the last few decades, and now seven out of every 10 American adults have a grill or smoker. Between the heat and the smoke, there are some health hazards of which users should be aware.

Some think it's time to film the inside of nursing homes

Seniors should be able to enjoy their golden years with as much leisure as possible. That starts with making sure that people feel safe in their homes, especially group domiciles like assisted-living facilities. Although nursing home abuse and neglect is not especially common, it is enough of a problem that residents and their families are looking for more protections.

Overmedication: It happens, and it's not legal

Imagine that you place a loved one with dementia into a nursing home. They're already confused, and they sometimes lash out as a result. All it takes is patience and some time to calm them, and you hope that the facility's staff is capable of providing that.

Distracted driving gets more attention in Illinois

The most common victims of motor vehicle accidents are people on the road who are also driving. But in Illinois, where many streets and roads bring cars and trucks near bicyclists and pedestrians, that is certainly no guarantee. Motor vehicles are only as safe as the people driving them, and the safest drivers are the focused ones.

A reminder about Scott's Law and highway safety

Just a few months into 2019, Illinois has seen 15 crashes involving Illinois State troopers who were struck by motorists while stopped on the side of the road with their emergency lights flashing. That alarming number is more than all the Illinois State Police-related crashes reported during the three previous years combined, prompting authorities to remind drivers about Scott's Law and the importance of slowing down, moving over, and using caution when they see emergency vehicles stopped on the shoulder of the road.

John J. Hopkins: From Working Iron To
Representing Those Who Work

ALTON —Like any successful trial lawyer, John Hopkins knows the importance of preparation. But he usually doesn’t write out the questions he plans to ask witnesses in depositions or in court.

View Article “I like to react to what the witness is saying—not only what they’re saying, but how they’re saying it,” Hopkins says.

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