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Diagnostic mistakes can lead to permanent injuries and death

There are plenty of times when children are born with conditions that require medical care. With appropriate care, the majority of these children go on to have no further complications.

For example, a story about a newborn with jaundice starts out like the stories of many other newborns. Around 60 percent of newborns have this condition, and doctors can monitor them and treat them to prevent kernicterus, which is brain damage that results from too much bilirubin in the blood.

Unfortunately for the newborn in the story, the medical providers didn't recognize the severity of the jaundice until it was too late; The baby ended up with cerebral palsy. He's 23 today and has impaired hearing and speech. He uses a walker.

Diagnostic mistakes such as this are more common than you may believe. In fact, there is a fatal diagnostic error made approximately every nine minutes in the United States. Around 40,000 to 80,000 hospital deaths take place yearly as a result of errors.

As a patient or parent, you need to know that you or your child are getting the best care possible. Delayed or missed diagnoses can contribute to patient deaths and do around 10 percent of the time. These are a root cause of medical malpractice claims and often result in payouts.

If your child suffers a birth injury, they could live a lifetime with pain or disability. You have the right to protect your child; Speak up and look into your legal options, so you can get the financial support you and your child need in the future.

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