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March 2019 Archives

How do parents recognize and deal with birth injuries?

Parents may have secret preferences for gender or eye color, but they all have one thing in common. A healthy baby is the top priority, starting with the moment people know they will become parents. Although the idea of a child with issues from the birth process is difficult to accept, children still have a good chance of leading full and lovely lives if they have the right support.

Illinois surgical error lawsuit may break new ground

Health problems after long or invasive surgery or medical treatments are often par for the course. They are difficult enough to deal with in the best circumstances, but it is especially hard when the pain or trouble is caused by the people or organizations we trust to take care of us.

What are the birth injuries to keep an eye on?

The chances of a problem during a normal childbirth have fortunately dropped with each decade in the United States. Although new parents can breathe easier to know that excellent care and technology await in the delivery room, some hazards still exist and hospitals or caretakers may be responsible for some of them.

What are the most common personal injury lawsuits?

It is not common but sometimes necessary to sue a person, business or government organization to pay for the results of an injury. If someone is hurt because someone else acted or failed to act in a way that endangered them, the victim has the right to seek financial damages to help with recovery.

Braving winter weather: 3 safety tips

In winter months, people can't afford to be lazy with safety. You have to drive to work school and other activities, and it's hard enough without dangerous drivers on the road. Slick roadways, snow and sleet might make it hard to get where you're going, and the addition of drivers in a rush can quickly lead to crashes.

How can I spot the dangers of nursing home abuse?

If a loved one is living in a nursing home or assisted-living facility, visits can be difficult. Rest homes may have a certain ambiance shaped by the effort it takes to keep residents healthy and happy. Beyond any sort of mood that may seem evident in a nursing home, it is important to look for any details that may show a place is an unsuitable home.

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