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What birth injuries are often caused by medical errors?

Any set of new parents worries constantly about what could go wrong with their baby. The vast majority of babies born in the United States in the 21st century are healthy and well cared for, but things can go wrong. Some of the reasons a baby may experience trauma in the first minutes of life are the result of medical malpractice by physicians and other clinicians.

  • What are the common birth injuries that involve medical negligence?

Most of the injuries that could occur in the birth process is a clinician does not provide all possible care involve nerve damage. The consequences range from temporary paralysis to permanent nerve damage affecting movement and cognition.

  • What causes nerve damage during birth?

The compression of the baby's fragile frame against parts of the mother or medical equipment can damage a nerve center, known as a plexus. An obstetrician or assistant may pull or shove the baby's body at the wrong moment, causing temporary or permanent damage.

  • Are there any birth injuries that are not immediately apparent?

Some type of brain injuries caused by oxygen deprivation or other possible birth error may not fully manifest until a child can demonstrate cognitive and physical abilities. Even mild oxygen deprivation at the wrong time may lead to intellectual disabilities.

  • How can parents manage birth injuries?

Parents often need assistance in dealing with unexpected medical and developmental needs of babies who suffered early injuries. An attorney can help parents forward claims for financial damages to assist with a child's care and upbringing if the birth process contained professional errors.

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