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July 2018 Archives

Signs of malnutrition in a nursing home

The elderly have an especially high risk of suffering from malnutrition because they often have limited mobility. They may not have a chance to pick out their own food and they become dependent on others. For instance, an elderly person living in a nursing home must be given a healthy, balance diet, and he or she must get enough food every day. Caretakers hold the residents' well-being in their hands since they provide all food and nourishment.

How eating while driving is like texting and driving

Most people understand that texting while driving is dangerous even if they still choose to do it. However, many people would not hesitate to stop by a drive-thru and grab some food for the road. The drive-thru system appears to be built specifically to make doing that easier -- leading people to think that it is safe.

SUV crashes into Dairy Queen at 3:30 a.m.

A recent car accident in Illinois put two people in the hospital when the SUV they were in slammed into the side of a Dairy Queen. The Dairy Queen was closed at the time, as it was 3:30 in the morning, but the two people in the car suffered injuries and needed medical treatment.

What are signs of post-surgical internal bleeding?

Errors made during surgery can lead to a lot of different complications, one of the most dangerous of which is internal bleeding. It can be potentially life-threatening, but many people have never experienced it before. They may not realize what is happening as quickly as they would with another type of issue.

4th of July motorcycle crash claims 1 life

The 4th of July is often cited as one of the most dangerous days to drive, and motorcycles carry an even higher degree of risk -- no matter what day it is -- than passenger cars. This year, both of those statistics came together in Illinois, as a motorcycle accident on the holiday took one life.

Injuries are a potential sign of nursing home neglect

Nursing home neglect comes with a variety of symptoms. Some residents will see their general hygiene decline if they do not get help with showers, changing clothes and brushing their teeth. Others will see their emotional health dip as they feel neglected, forgotten and ignored by the staff.

Why are nurses so fatigued?

When you get care from a nurse or any other medical professional, you need that person to be alert and ready to give you high-caliber care every step of the way. Unfortunately, many nurses battle serious fatigue issues, and some experts believe the problem is getting worse. Tired nurses may make mistakes that can lead to serious injuries and complications.

John J. Hopkins: From Working Iron To
Representing Those Who Work

ALTON —Like any successful trial lawyer, John Hopkins knows the importance of preparation. But he usually doesn’t write out the questions he plans to ask witnesses in depositions or in court.

View Article “I like to react to what the witness is saying—not only what they’re saying, but how they’re saying it,” Hopkins says.

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