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Child ejected in serious crash in Illinois

Two children were badly hurt in a car accident in Illinois, while riding with a woman from Nashville. Their relationship with the woman is unclear, though reports do not list them as family members.

The woman is 33 years old, and she was behind the wheel of a 2002 Cadillac Deville. The two kids were riding in the car. A boy and a girl, they are both 5 years old.

How motorcyclists can work to protect themselves

As a motorcyclist, you have to accept a certain amount of risk. Even if you never make a mistake on your bike, a vehicle driver may cause an accident. It can be far worse for you. For instance, if a driver turns left in front of you -- a very common way that motorcycle crashes play out -- that driver may not be hurt at all, even as you are thrown from your bike and seriously injured.

There are steps you can take to protect yourself. A few of them include:

  • Wearing a helmet: Helmets save lives and massively reduce the odds of a head injury. Illinois may not have a helmet law, but choosing to wear one anyway may keep you from harm or at least reduce injuries.
  • Taking proper classes: These courses help you get familiar with your bike, the law and the potential obstacles you will face on the road. Even if you have been riding for years, a refresher course can help.
  • Never speeding: Speed cuts back on reaction time. You may be able to avoid a crash at 55 miles per hour that you can't avoid at 65 miles per hour. Even if you feel safe driving that fast because you believe you won't make a mistake, how much do you trust everyone else on the road?
  • Buying a bike with an antilock braking system (ABS): If you're worried about locking the brakes and crashing, an ABS can help. It doesn't lock up, but you can still brake as hard as possible to cut speed before a collision.

13 potential signs of a brain injury

It is important to diagnose a traumatic brain injury (TBI) quickly so that proper treatment can be given. Some conditions, like bleeding in the brain, can turn fatal when left unchecked.

However, many brain injuries are closed-head injuries. With these, a person may appear to be fine physically. There will not necessarily be any bleeding, lacerations, fractures or other signs of injury. Do not make the mistake of assuming this means the brain itself is uninjured.

Improper medication is a top nursing home complaint

Nursing home neglect takes many forms. Residents do not get the help they need with showers. Those who are immobile develop bedsores when they are not turned often enough. Residents are left alone and suffer dangerous falls. These are just three common examples.

One of the top complaints that family members have, though, deals with medication. The way it is distributed does not always go along with the recommendations from medical professionals. In the worst cases, a medication error could be fatal. Experts say that this was the No. 4 overall complaint in the United States, when ranking complaints simply by how common they were.

Illinois sees more deadly accidents for the fourth year in a row

The number of deadly car accidents in Illinois is going up again in 2018, early reports show. What is most concerning is the overall trend. If it holds, 2018 will become the fourth year in a row that there have been more deadly wrecks than the previous year.

As of April 2nd, 2018, there had been a total of 236 deadly accidents in Illinois. That number rises every day as multiple fatalities take place.

After surgery, what instruments are often left in the body?

One of the potential dangers of going in for surgery is having the doctor leave an instrument behind. This is never supposed to happen. Surgeons and their teams are supposed to count and keep careful track of everything.

However, it continues to happen. Since you're already expecting to be in pain after surgery, you may not even realize that something is wrong for weeks or months. When your symptoms do not go away or keep getting worse, you realize there is a serious problem.

Boating accidents and deaths show a frightening recent spike

Like car accidents, boating accidents have seen a general decline. However, recent years have shown a concerning spike in accidents, injuries and deaths.

There were 8,047 accidents back in 1997, leading to 4,555 injuries and 821 deaths. Those statistics come from the American Boating Association, which also reported that there were 8,061 accidents, 4,612 injures, and 815 deaths in 1998.

10 symptoms of cerebral palsy

Parents naturally worry about their children. As you read the following symptoms of cerebral palsy, keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. It is just 10 of the most common symptoms. Moreover, seeing some of these symptoms does not guarantee that your child has the disorder. Only a medical professional can decide that.

With that in mind, here are 10 symptoms:

  1. Having problems eating or sucking on a bottle.
  2. Not using both sides of the body properly. For instance, your child only picks things up with his or her left hand.
  3. Suffering from tremors and shaking.
  4. Making similar movements that are involuntary and not controlled.
  5. Having muscles that appear too stiff.
  6. Not hitting milestones at the proper times. For instance, your child does not lift himself or herself up with his or her arms when children of that age should be doing so easily.
  7. Having trouble speaking or showing significant delays in developing the ability.
  8. Suffering from seizures.
  9. Not having proper coordination. Young children always struggle with coordination, but the key is to see if it is developing and where your child stands compared to peers of the same age.
  10. Walking with an improper gait. This could include moving the legs in a scissor-like motion, for instance, or holding them too far apart.

Man still in critical care unit a month after accident

A man in Illinois was hit by a car nearly a month ago, and he's still in the critical care unit recovering from his injuries. The man is 49 year old. He was on his way to work, trying to cross a street, when a car ran him down on February 26, 2018.

He wound up sustaining numerous bone fractures, including some to his ankles, legs, pelvis and back. Emergency crews rushed him to Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, which is located in Downers Grove. Though he did survive the incident, he has been confined to the hospital ever since.

Many nursing home issues stem from understaffing

Nursing home staff members may do everything in their power not to neglect your loved one, but this neglect can still happen. It often does occur in facilities all over Illinois. So, if the staff members are working as hard as they can and they know the dangers of neglecting the residents, how does this problem persist?

The reasoning is often very simple: There just are not enough workers to provide proper care. Understaffing by management means that neglect is unavoidable.

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