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Don't forget about mental health in your personal injury claim

Injuries do more than hurt you physically. They cause a mental strain, too. Though you're focused on getting better, the reality is that the stress of such a sudden change in your life can have real mental health-related consequences.

It's a good idea for anyone who has suffered a serious injury or been involved in a traumatic incident to have someone talk to them about their mental health. There are a few different conditions people could develop due to their injuries and the stress placed on them. These include:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

What are the birth injuries to keep an eye on?

The chances of a problem during a normal childbirth have fortunately dropped with each decade in the United States. Although new parents can breathe easier to know that excellent care and technology await in the delivery room, some hazards still exist and hospitals or caretakers may be responsible for some of them.

What are the most likely head injuries that occur during birth?

What are the most common personal injury lawsuits?

It is not common but sometimes necessary to sue a person, business or government organization to pay for the results of an injury. If someone is hurt because someone else acted or failed to act in a way that endangered them, the victim has the right to seek financial damages to help with recovery.

What are the most common types of personal injury lawsuits?

Braving winter weather: 3 safety tips

In winter months, people can't afford to be lazy with safety. You have to drive to work school and other activities, and it's hard enough without dangerous drivers on the road. Slick roadways, snow and sleet might make it hard to get where you're going, and the addition of drivers in a rush can quickly lead to crashes.

Winter weather that blocks roadways and causes chills to the bone isn't uncommon in Illinois. If you have to drive in these dangerous conditions, there are some things you can do to stay safer. Here are three tips.

How can I spot the dangers of nursing home abuse?

If a loved one is living in a nursing home or assisted-living facility, visits can be difficult. Rest homes may have a certain ambiance shaped by the effort it takes to keep residents healthy and happy. Beyond any sort of mood that may seem evident in a nursing home, it is important to look for any details that may show a place is an unsuitable home.

What is the largest risk that seniors face in nursing homes?

Should nursing homes use antipsychotics on patients?

When people go into nursing care, one thing they may need to deal with is an increased use of medications. As people age, they may fall ill or develop conditions that rely on medications to help keep them comfortable.

Unfortunately, it's all too often that nursing homes use medications as a way to control their patients. They use medications that make them tired or calm so that they can't speak out or cause trouble for the staff. While that might be a necessary step for patients with violent behaviors, it's not right for everyone.

How likely are surgical errors?

There are very few people who enjoy being in hospitals, even though many good things happen in health care facilities. Most American lives begin in a hospital, and most major traumas and illnesses are treated in one. Although hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are the largest threat to health in most emergency rooms, the possibility of a surgeon's error is high enough to be significant.

What is the likelihood of a mistake in a surgical suite?

Surgical errors: Patients have a right to know

Surgical errors take place by the thousands every year, and patients and their families are left to deal with the consequences. Doctors may not want to admit to mistakes for fear of facing medical malpractice lawsuits, and they may never apologize to patients.

Therefore, people often end up turning to legal remedies as a way to resolve cases where they're not getting straight answers. Consider this: A patient who knows a medical provider is sorry and willing to fix a problem is less likely to pursue a legal remedy. Why? They're heard, and they can resolve the situation with compassion and attention to the needs of the patient.

What birth injuries are often caused by medical errors?

Any set of new parents worries constantly about what could go wrong with their baby. The vast majority of babies born in the United States in the 21st century are healthy and well cared for, but things can go wrong. Some of the reasons a baby may experience trauma in the first minutes of life are the result of medical malpractice by physicians and other clinicians.

  • What are the common birth injuries that involve medical negligence?

Most of the injuries that could occur in the birth process is a clinician does not provide all possible care involve nerve damage. The consequences range from temporary paralysis to permanent nerve damage affecting movement and cognition.

  • What causes nerve damage during birth?

3 injured when police chase ends in collision

If the police attempt to pull a motorist over who refuses to stop, a police chase could result. While the police often stop these chases before they enter populated areas, it's impossible to know exactly what the driver will do, even when they're in relatively open areas.

Take, for example, this case that occurred on Feb. 2. The South Roxana police were attempting to stop a Mercury Mountaineer at approximately 3 p.m. The vehicle was being driven by a 31-year-old woman who had several felony warrants out for her arrest.

John J. Hopkins: From Working Iron To
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ALTON —Like any successful trial lawyer, John Hopkins knows the importance of preparation. But he usually doesn’t write out the questions he plans to ask witnesses in depositions or in court.

View Article “I like to react to what the witness is saying—not only what they’re saying, but how they’re saying it,” Hopkins says.

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