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Which parties can be sued in a birth injury lawsuit?

Finding out that you are pregnant is one of the most magical times in life. It can also be incredibly stressful. From preparing your house, decorating a room, buying baby clothes and products, getting enough diapers and having a plan in place for getting to the hospital; you can experience quite a bit of stress. Not every birth will go smoothly and this can lead to birth injuries.

Hospitals are often included in lawsuits for birth injuries. Hospitals can be held liable for negligence involved in a patient's birth injuries. They can also be held liable on a vicarious level for the negligent actions of any of their employees involved in a birth injury case.

How to spot signs of overmedication in nursing homes

Nursing home neglect does not just occur when a patient is left in his or her bed for days to develop sores. It does not just occur when a patient is not given the proper food or liquids for his or her diet. Nursing home neglect also occurs when a patient is overmedicated by a member of the staff. Today, we will discuss how you can spot the signs of overmedication at nursing homes in Illinois.

Make sure your loved one has an updated list of medications when he or she returns to the nursing home following a visit to the doctor. The instructions for each medication should also be included on the list. Instructions could include how many pills to take each day, if the medication should be taken with food, how to handle side effects and what should be done if a dose is missed.

Why must the victim of a personal injury try to mitigate damages?

If you're the victim of a car accident, a slip-and-fall incident or some other sort of injury caused by another person's negligence, you're expected to do your best to mitigate the amount of the damages, or losses, that you suffer.

If you fail to mitigate your losses, you could find any personal injury lawsuit you file in danger. At the very least, the defendant may be able to avoid paying you the full amount of your losses -- leaving you stuck with whatever remaining losses you have.

Ask questions when something goes wrong in surgery

When something goes wrong in surgery, is it simply unavoidable? Is it just "one of those things" that can go either way and can't be predicted? Or, is it the result of someone's negligence? Is it something that could have been avoided?

Unless you ask the right questions, the odds are very good that you'll never know for certain.

Jurors hand $48M verdict against doctor in child's death

There are only 350 doctors in the entire nation certified to recognize and treat child abuse, so the doctor who saw the 8-year-old child -- now a murder victim -- at the heart of an Illinois trial was arguably an expert.

However, three weeks before the little girl died from horrific abuse at the hands of her grandmother, the doctor reported that he saw no signs of potential abuse.

Illinois is the worst when it comes to nursing home neglect

If you're in a nursing home in Illinois, you can expect nothing more than the absolute worst this country has to offer.

According to the Office of the Inspector General, Illinois ranks first when it comes to the number of cases of neglect found in its nursing homes (or last in nursing home safety, whichever way you choose to look at it).

Shocking charges of sexual abuse against nursing home employee

A 39-year-old employee of the Crestwood Health Care Center in St. Louis County has been accused of sexually assaulting three residents. He has been charged with misdemeanor counts of assault, illegal deviate sexual intercourse regarding one resident and sexual conduct with at least one other resident.

The allegations are disturbing. In one case, a 71-year-old resident alleged that the worker had grabbed her bare bottom as she exited the shower. She said this was "surprising and shocking and unwanted."

Throwing your first holiday party? Understand your liability

Are you getting ready to throw your very first holiday party now that you're finally out of your parents' house and on your own? If so, it's smart to be aware of what the law expects from you.

First, Illinois has a specific legal statute aimed at social hosts who supply either alcohol or drugs to anyone age 18 or under. That could put you in an awkward position if some of your old buddies are still 17 and under.

Transplant recipients often not aware infection risks

If you have a medical condition serious enough to require an organ transplant, the odds are good you aren't thinking about the risks anymore -- because the benefit of survival outweighs everything.

However, it's possible that something can go so wrong with the organ transplant that you're left in worse shape than you started. There are a number of possible hazards transplant recipients face that they may not be thinking about when they're finally told that an organ is available for them:

  • An organ is taken from the wrong person by mistake.
  • The proper consent isn't received from the donor or the donor's family.
  • An error is made either in surgery or after surgery that leaves the recipient likely to acquire an infection or otherwise reject the organ.
  • A mistake is made when typing the organ for donation and it isn't compatible in the first place.
  • The organ is diseased or carries a fungal, viral or bacterial infection that is transmitted to the recipient.

New mothers are dying at a ghastly rate in the United States

New mothers are dying at rates that -- by all accounts -- shouldn't be happening in the United States.

The statistics, however, are astounding -- if not outright horrifying. While maternal deaths have been plunging in developed nations for decades, they've been steadily rising in the United States. In fact, some experts say that they've actually doubled -- and many more new mothers are seriously injured during childbirth or shortly after, despite the fact that the United States spends more on maternal care than most other countries.

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