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Video cameras are becoming popular in nursing homes

Nursing homes and other assisted-living facilities are good options for elderly residents who may not be able to handle their own care. Neglect of one's own care is difficult or impossible from which to recover. However, neglect by workers in nursing homes can be just as bad.

Many residents of nursing homes, especially the ones who are suffering from dementia or other mental disability, may be frustrating to care for. Some staff members at facilities may become frustrated into unprofessional behavior that may become abusive or neglectful as well.

Nursing home dangers: Report injuries and protect your loved ones

Nursing home neglect is something no one expects to have to deal with. Unfortunately, it becomes a reality for some patients. Whether through intentional misconduct or because of oversights, many patients fall victim to poor care and may be hurt or killed as a result.

If you are placing your loved one into a nursing home, it's essential that you get to know the staff and make sure you're comfortable with the facility. A single visit to the facility simply isn't enough; You need to take the time to fully explore the facility, see what it offers and how it treats its staff. If there is a high turnover among employees or it seems impossible to find someone to speak to, it's likely that the nursing home is not staffed well enough to support the number of residents currently living there.

How do surgeons perform under stress?

Do you know anyone who enjoys being in hospitals? Unless you know a clinician who loves her or his job, you probably do not. That is usually because times spent in hospitals are among the most stressful that patients and their families can experience. Apparently, the stress can get to the people who work there as well.

What is the effect of stress on doctors?

Surgeon performs surgery on wrong eye and second in recovery room

There's nothing scarier than the potential for a surgeon to operate on the wrong body part. For example, if you need a corrective surgery on your right eye, going through surgery on the left could be extremely damaging.

Take, for example, the story of a 19-year-old woman who went into surgery for an operation to correct a lazy eye and to remove a cyst that had formed there. She consented to have surgery on the left eye, but the surgeon performed the surgery on the wrong eye.

Personal injury lawsuit in Springfield may involve economic loss

Personal injury lawsuits are a possibility for people who have suffered a serious injury at the hands of a negligent or legally liable person or entity. This can be a relief when someone is looking at a long and potentially expensive period of recovery after an unexpected accident.

A rather unusual personal injury case may be playing out in Illinois' capital as an effort to punish a tobacco company for issues related to their business practices. A St. Louis man had originally tried to sue for the health effects of the company's products and failed to make the case an economic issue.

At least 2 deaths after explosion at local chemical plant

Workplace accidents can happen suddenly, and depending on the kind of incident, they could impact many workers. Take, for example, this case discussed on May 4 in which two people have been killed.

In Illinois, a fire and explosion at AB Specialty Silicones, a chemical plant, has resulted in at least two deaths. Two additional workers are still missing and believed dead at this time. Crews had to suspend their search because of fears that the building was not structurally sound.

You're the first line of defense against nursing home abuse

Nursing homes should be places where the elderly are cared for and safe. They should not have to worry about people taking advantage of them or neglecting their care. Sadly, nursing homes aren't always the places that they should be, and the elderly are often the ones who suffer.

The elderly may be hurt by neglect, abuse or negligence. Whether it's mistakes that are made, physical abuse that becomes commonplace or complete negligence on the part of the medical providers, there is no excuse. The elderly are vulnerable, and they deserve the respect of those around them.

What are the most likely surgical errors?

Surgical errors are very rare; in fact, an important study on the subject showed that only one in around 112,000 surgical procedures include an error for which a physician or health care organization may be liable. But they can have disastrous consequences when they happen, leading to permanent changes in a patient's life.

What are the common types of surgical errors?

What are the most common injuries during birth?

Kids don't remember it, but birth is the most important day of their lives. Many mothers think of giving birth as a joyous experience, so it can be especially horrifying when it does not go to plan. When babies are injured in the process of entering this world, many bumps and bruises subside without serious consequences. Some injuries, however, linger for life.

What are the most serious birth injuries?

A brachial plexus injury can impact infants

Birth injuries are often unpredictable, with many happening during the birthing process. Some birth injuries occur in the womb, while others happen in the days following birth.

For the most part, there are minor injuries from which babies commonly suffer. Things like bruising or small hematomas are somewhat benign and normal consequences from the trauma of being born. Other injuries, like damage to the brachial plexus, may be a result of medical errors.

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