Holding Doctors And Hospitals Accountable For Errors

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who are entrusted with the health of their patients have a responsibility to adhere to an established standard of care. But medical mistakes are far too common. For medical malpractice victims and their families, it is important not only to get closure, but to hold those who are at fault accountable.

At the law firm of John J. Hopkins & Associates, our lawyers have nearly 40 years of experience handling cases of personal injury and medical malpractice. We encourage you to give us a call for a no-cost consultation about your circumstances. Based in Alton, we serve clients throughout the St. Louis Metro East area.

Together with a seasoned support staff, and a team of outside experts, we thoroughly review claims and only take those that have merit. If malpractice was the cause of your injuries or the injuries of a loved one, our attorneys will vigorously pursue justice for you.

How Were You Injured?

Not every unfortunate medical result is considered malpractice. At John J. Hopkins & Associates, we have the experience to tell the difference and to ensure the cases we pursue are not frivolous. Medical malpractice may be caused by carelessness, insufficient training, failure to obtain informed consent or negligence. Common types of medical malpractice often include:

Malpractice can often result in brain, spinal cord and other catastrophic injuries, as well as wrongful death in the worst cases. By pursuing compensation from those who are responsible, you can better afford the medical treatment you need for the recovery process and get the psychological closure to move forward with your life.

A note about complications from prescription medications
Doctors are expected to know the possible complication and serious side-effects that can result from prescription medications. If your doctor prescribed a medication that caused medical injury because of your medical condition or other medications you were taking, you may have a valid claim for medical negligence.

Learn More About Your Rights Under The Law

The first step toward filing a medical malpractice claim is to talk with a lawyer about your situation and your best options for recovery. At John J. Hopkins & Associates, we care about our clients and do all that we can to help them succeed in medical malpractice litigation. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation by calling toll free at 888-779-6064. Serving Alton and southern Illinois. All cases are taken on a contingency basis.