Take Action About Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment can take many forms inside of the workplace but all forms of harassment need to be dealt with in a real and productive manner. Not every off-color remark warrants a lawsuit but those that impact the victim's ability to do his or her job should be pursued. The law allows someone to sue the person who is harassing them, as well as the employer who is allowing the sexual harassment to occur.

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Were You Sexually Harassed?

One of the most difficult aspects of a sexual harassment lawsuit is determining what constitutes harassment. Repeated and unwanted comments, or those that are consistently ignored by the employer, can add up to harassment if they create a hostile work environment for an employee. Comments that are considered harassment have to be offensive to an average or reasonable person.

Employers are obligated to take all necessary steps to prevent harassment from occurring. This includes proper training of employees and supervisors and a harassment policy. Without such a policy to prevent harassment, an employer may be held liable for failing to take reasonable measure to prevent harassment from occurring.

Our firm will thoroughly review your case to determine whether acts constitute harassment, what your employer could have done to prevent the harassment and what your best options are for pursuing appropriate compensation.

Learn More About Your Options In Illinois

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